Justin Hellings Life Coaching

What life coaching can do for you

Do you feel that you need to change something in your life, but you're not sure what? Perhaps you know what you want to do but are not sure how to go about it. Or maybe you've figured all that out but you can't seem to get started. Coaching can help with all these aspects of making a change or starting something new.

Specific things that I can help you with include:

If you would like help with any of these things then feel free to get in touch with me.

What is a life coach?

A coach is a catalyst for your creativity. Where friends and colleagues will often give advice and opinions, a coach will ask you questions. A coach will work with you to clarify and deepen your understanding of what you want to change, of what you can do to make that happen, and of what is currently holding you back.

What is it like to be coached?

Coaching is a conversation. A conversation with a coach can help you to get a clear sense of direction and to make a realistic plan. Coaching is not advice. If you expect a coach to tell you what to do then you may be surprised. The plan you make with a coach might include seeking out the best advice you can get from other professionals.

How many sessions will I need and how often?

The number of sessions and the amount of time between them can vary a lot. Some people come to me for a single session. They may want help with making a particular decision, or with a very short-term goal like an upcoming job interview.

Most people who I work with have multiple sessions. The changes they make can be challenging. They benefit from having multiple opportunities to step back and get perspective on what they want to do. I think of six sessions as a typical amount.

The time between sessions can vary a lot too. Ideally it will be short enough for you to keep your momentum. You also need enough time to make progress on your action list, or to find out that something is holding you back. People who I have coached have taken from a week to a month between sessions.